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2 hours ago, we asked thousands of youth about the world record egg.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and you’re a brand, please email me ASAP lol —

TL;DR — 3 people made an Instagram account that just had a photo of an egg and challenged everyone on Instagram to see if they could collaborate in making this photo of a random egg the most liked photo on Instagram. They succeeded. Before this egg became the most liked photo on IG, Kylie Jenner’s gram of her newborn was the most liked, so here was Kylie’s reaction. More here: NYTimes, The Atlantic

UPDATE on 7/27/17:

  1. this is a reminder and lesson of how much pop culture originates in minority communities, particularly black and LGBTQ culture. i learned last night that many of these terms originated from AAVE (african american vernacular english). i had no idea about the origins/history of these terms, but thank you to folks on twitter for educating me on it.
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don’t @ me = when you don’t care about other people’s opinion on something you just said especially when it’s potentially controversial (“I love oatmeal raisin cookies dont @ me”)

@ me = when you’re being subtweeted (“yo i see you, @ me next…

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This might be useful to you if you want to learn more about the VC industry as a founder, junior VC, or aspiring VC.

It’s divided into 3 sections :

  1. Overview of what I learned about the whole VC industry
  2. Suggestions for founders
  3. Suggestions for junior VCs

Things I learned about the VC Industry:

  1. The job is extremely unstructured. I knew going in that being a VC was going to be a pretty unstructured job, but I didn’t know it was going to be *this* unstructured. Basically, sink or swim. 🏊
  2. VC Pipeline = Access/Network + Judgment + Winning. Venture Capital is basically 3 things: 1) getting access to investment rounds — this includes both hearing about the companies, which involves having a diverse and strong network, & also being able to get in front of the entrepreneur if a relationship hasn’t already been built. 2) assessing potential investments and developing good judgment in picking the best companies from a sea of thousands. 3) convincing the founders to take your money. As a VC, you have to build a reputation as someone who can add real value (some examples are helping with recruiting, PR, business development, community, branding, product/design/technical aspects) & someone who they can rant to and have a shoulder to cry on during difficult times. …

Written by an actual teen in the Bay Area (@tzhongg)

  • It means texting like this:

where u?

how r u doing?

r u alive or? (where you at? are you still alive?)

did u die or? (same with above)

outfit on fleek (on fleek = on point)

that’s lit (lit = dope, awesome)

u r bae. this burger is bae. (1. awesome 2. babe/baby or someone you like or deeply appreciate 3. “before anyone else”)

you’re so basic (unoriginal, boring, “stereotypical white girl” e.g. Starbucks, North Face, yoga, pressed juice)

when u (you start out sentences like this to describe your own situation — “when u stuck at a party w no…


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